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Occupational Driver ‘s Licenses

Occupational driver ‘s licenses (ODLs) are issued so as not to create undue hardship for people convicted of drunk driving and their families. After their convictions, people still need to get to work or school, perhaps drop their children off at school, and complete other important tasks. Public transportation is not readily available in many parts of Texas, and few people can afford to take cabs every day.

How Does One Get an ODL?

If your driver ‘s license has been suspended, you will need to petition the county or district court in the jurisdiction where you were convicted of DWI in order to get your occupational license. A knowledgeable Dallas DWI attorney can give you much-needed guidance as you move through the red tape and paperwork inherent in this process.

If a judge grants you an ODL, you will receive a court order saying as much. This order is not an ODL in and of itself. You will need to submit it, along with other required items such as proof of insurance and payment of related fees, to the Texas Department of Public Safety. While your court order is being processed, you can use a copy of the order as a temporary license for up to 30 days.

What Does an ODL Let One Do?

ODLs are a form of restricted license. If you are granted an ODL, you will only be able to use it to drive to work, school, or to perform necessary household tasks. If your job requires you to drive from one place to another, you will be allowed to do so unless you are a commercial driver.

ODLs will not be granted to people who lose their commercial driver ‘s licenses.

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