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Potential Drunk Driving Defenses

For any crime there is the potential that a defendant will have a defense. Some defenses are laid out as accepted, legal defenses while others are more attuned to the particular circumstances of an individual ‘s case.

While it may seem tempting to try, explaining to the judge that you couldn’t possibly have been drunk because the BAC calculator you had says so is not a defense. BAC calculators are not defenses to drunk driving charges because they are merely estimates as to what a person ‘s BAC might be. Their name is misleading in that it says it is a calculator whereas it is really an estimator.

Another attempt that is not likely to get very far is the plea that an individual didn’t intend to drive drunk but his friend was far more drunk and so it was a public service for him to drive. While the judge may applaud your selfless sacrifice for society, intent is not a part of drunk driving charges. So while taking the fall for a friend is a wonderful character trait, it won ‘t go anywhere in a court room.

Defenses in drunk driving cases, when they are successful, focus on the evidence presented against an individual. For example, if a breathalyzer were to say that individual had a .49 BAC, a potential defense would be that it is marginally possible for the person to have blown a .49 and be driving since he or she should have been in a coma near death if that was the true BAC.

Attacking the evidence is a far more effective way of getting away from a drunk driving charge than pleading that you had no intent or something similar.

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