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Tricks for Sobering Up

There are a number of “tricks” out there that reportedly work for sobering a person up after a night of drinking. Some of these, like coffee and caffeine, really don ‘t do anything to promote sobriety so much as make the body more alert and less likely to fall asleep.

The biggest problem with buying into the myths about caffeine is that they don ‘t really sober a person up so much as make the person more awake. Just because a person ‘s senses are heightened due to caffeine intake does not mean that a person ‘s reflexes are working at their normal ability. Heightened alertness also does not mean that a person ‘s reaction time will be sufficient to get the person home in a car.

Other myths include eating beforehand and then again afterwards. There is also the idea that bread or some other carbohydrate-heavy food will speed the sobering process along. Others turn to water. Regardless of what trick is tried, the only real way to become sober is to give it time.

Time, whether it is spent drinking water, eating, or sleeping, is the best way to become sober as it allows the body to process the alcohol and remove it from the system. The tricks that are employed by others, other than running, do very little to get the alcohol out of the body ‘s system and actually sober a person up.

Running works sort of in the same way as time because it gets the blood moving and elevates metabolism and all of the body ‘s functions. This, for most people, is not an ideal option at 3 in the morning (or other leaving time) as the best way to sober up.

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